Airport Pick Up Procedure
  • You must pre-book your limo prior to departure. Any change of flight schedule, please call our number 1-800-230-4520 and re-book with us.
  • Clear customs and pick-up luggage
  • Then follow the Pre-arrange limo sign and proceed to the commissionaire booth outside the Terminal Door, give your name and ask to call Jet Limousine
    • Terminal 1- Door ' D '
    • Terminal 3 - Post # 29
  • Your limo will pick you up within 2 minutes. In case of any problem, please do not leave, call our office at 1-800-230-4520. Because driver will be waiting for you there in anyway

WAITING TIME CHARGES : With Jet Limousine 15 minutes over due time no charge, but after 15 minutes you will be charged. The waiting time at the Airport pick-up 1 hour after flight arrival no charge, but after 1 hour we consider it as NO SHOW and $45.00 will be charged on the Credit Card, unless we recieved a call from a client that he is arrived and clearing customs.

We appreciate your business and thanks for your understanding.